Why should we not dispose of batteries in ordinary waste?

The huge increase in the use of cell phones, computers, camcorders, stereos and so many other electronic devices has led to the very high increase in batteries.

Many of these batteries are made of heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, nickel and substances that contain these metals.

These substances are very toxic and harm the body. It has cumulative effect.

Depending on the concentration, they can cause long-term illness in the nervous system, kidneys, bones, etc. It can even cause cancer.


The danger of this material is the way it is disposed of. Often inappropriately. Usually they will end up in ordinary dumps.

Over time, discarded batteries and leaks leak liquids that contaminate the soil, groundwater, and may even reach rivers and lakes.

For this reason, we should dispose of batteries in appropriate places where they collect this material for recycling and not in ordinary waste.